American Sailing Association Courses

American Sailing AssociationWe are proudly affiliated with the American Sailing Association because of its fine reputation. ASA has certified more than a quarter of a million students who have become accomplished sailors while pursuing this rigorous training curriculum. Let us add your name to that long list. In the Basic Keelboat course, Sail Long Island will teach you all the essential elements you need to safely operate a small boat in enclosed waters in calm weather conditions. Each certification level builds on the one before. You must complete Basic Keelboat 101 to be eligble for Basic Coastal Cruising 103. You must pass 103 to take Bareboat Chartering 104 and so on. To progress through the ASA program requires sailing time on the water. If you don't own a boat of your own, the very best way to acquire that experience and boost your skill level is to come sailing with us for a weekend cruise or a multi-day trip. Check our schedule here. Just as fishermen have big fish stories, sailors have stories, too. We want your stories to be of great adventures to new ports of call with Sail Long Island.

Our ASA Course Offerings

Basic Sailing and Boating Safety (ASA 101)

This course covers all the key elements of the ASA curriculum to introduce you to keelboat sailing: fundamentals of wind and points of sail, hoisting and rigging sails, tacking and jibing, proper commands for the crew, nomenclature, safety gear and its use, basic boat handling skills, knots, Man overboard drills, plus an introduction to basic navigation rules. It includes 8 hours of instruction on each of  Saturday and Sunday both in the classroom and on the water. At the end of Sunday you will take a one hour written test. Cost per student is $595 including ASA study materials, the test, and your initial year of ASA membership. Discount for couples signing up together. 

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Cruising entails cooking meals in the galley, sleeping aboard, seamanship and skill development: handling the vessel under power and sail. We also cover the proper use of a VHF radio, understanding the duties of skipper and crew, sail handling underway, reducing sail (reefing) and taking other safety precautions in stronger wind conditions, navigation and plotting your course, steering by a compass, weather forecasts, anchoring when you reach your destination, and knowledge of safety gear that you are required to carry on board. The course includes 2 hours of classroom instruction on Friday night and two days of sailing to and from our destination which will be chosen based on winds, weather and tides. A 2 day trip (1 overnight on board) is $650, or $1200 for a couple sharing a cabin; a 3 day weekend trip (2 overnights on board) is $950 per person, $1700 per couple sharing a cabin; a 4 day sail (3 nights on board) is $1150 per person or $1995 per couple sharing a cabin. (Cost of provisions is additional and varies with what the crew choses to eat. Meals ashore are dutch treat.) The ASA certification fee  for one course is included.

Bareboat Chartering (ASA 104)

You've mastered how to handle a bigger boat and you've received your ASA Basic Coastal Cruising certification. Now you are considering chartering a bareboat in some exotic destination for your next vacation. But the firm renting you the vessel wants to know you are capable of handling it safely after you leave their dock. Sail Long Island's ASA Bareboat Chartering program will bring you up to speed. You will learn the boat's mechanical systems: water, cooking fuel and safe stove operation, electrical systems, and pumps; correct operation of the VHF radio, engine maintenance and care, and safe fueling practices. On the navigational side, we will show you how to plot your course to your selected destination based on expected conditions including wind, weather, current ,and the tides. You will learn how to set your sails for those conditions. Provisioning and menu planning are also covered as are anchoring and how to choose a spot more likely to ensure a good night's sleep. This course includes 2 days aboard our 36' Pearson in an overnight trip to one of our many wonderful nearby destinations. We will prepare some meals aboard. (Cost of provisions is additional and varies with what the crew choses to eat. Meals ashore are dutch treat.) A 2 day trip with one night aboard is $650 ($1200 per couple sharing a cabin) and an extended 3 day trip with two nights aboard is $950 per person ($1700 per couple sharing a cabin). ASA certification fee is included.

Docking (ASA 118)

The ASA has just introduced a new course on docking your vessel, a very useful program for anyone who is intimidated by coming into or out of a slip in varying wind conditions. (Most of us are.) It is also a course that is best taken on your own boat where a personal coach can get you over your fears and doubts about handling your vessel when others are watching nearby. Call to schedule your own private lessons. 917-912-6342

Weather (ASA 119)

Nothing is more important to any boater than to understand what weather might be coming your way after you cast off from the dock. This course will improve your ability to read between the lines of the daily weather forecast on the web or on the VHF radio. The internet has made a lot of free information available and easily accessible to every boater. This course will enhance your ability to collect the data you need for your day's activities and to interpret what is likely to be coming your way over the next few days. It will introduce you to a wide range of maps and charts that you can print out before you leave home for the boatyard. And it will show you additional data you can get on your computer or your smart device with cell phone connectivity while you are underway. It will free you from the audio robot providing weather information on your VHF radio. This is a classroom only course to be offered in the fall once the sailing season is over.